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Let the divinity flow through you

He that lives by the Spirit should walk by the Spirit.

Our family wishes to build stronger bonds and preach love in all its purity, with everyone around us. This calls for a better and deeper understanding of the Scripture, and a biblical standard of an accepting environment, which allows everyone to allow the light within them to be shared truly. This light is the deeper connection that all individuals share with Lord Jesus separately as well as communally.

We provide the most popular, and unanimously acceptable biblical studies and interpretations in our library, such as those by Ed Young. Our learned ministries have developed interpretations and explanations in the forms of e-books and pamphlets, which are easily accessible, to nurture your soul, and act as deeply engrossing and fascinating reads.

Want to learn more about your history, the meaning of love, or simply to satisfy your passionate thirst for knowledge, we are here to serve all your needs.

In addition to being responsible for dispensing all the biblical knowledge we possess, at our home, it is considered an honor to educate those who want to learn more about Jesus Almighty. We use all resources to perform this divine task with utmost gratification while we explain His role in our lives as a Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. We also explain how all of this is linked to current personal, social, and economic crises we, as individuals, face in our daily lives, and how His Lordship gives us all a reason and the strength to keep going when we face hardships.


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