Welcome to New Spirit of Prayer Family Church

At our doorstep, we welcome everyone who wishes to learn more about our beloved Lord Jesus and consider it our duty to help those who want to be helped. Our community, although dominated by a colored ethnicity, welcomes all races and ethnicities, providing a safe and spiritual space for all to visit.

Worship Experience

What to Expect?

Adhering to Evangelical Protestantism, our elders and preachers devote their entire beings to understanding and shepherding all sets of beliefs that anyone may hold. We preach the kind of love that Jesus preached and strive to be a reliable space for families, couples, and anyone else who is in search of meaning in life. Expect a soul-cleansing worship experience with our all-inclusive teachings.

Our Vision

What We Believe


Unity in essential beliefs:

Non-denominational in nature, our foundation lies in our firm belief that the essence of our faith is the same. Every disciple is equal in our Lord’s eyes, and thus, it is our utmost duty to dispense our knowledge without any disparity.

We value liberty in non-essential beliefs:

We respect and understand that your faith has roots different from those of many others. Rather than forcing you into a particular practice, we desire to empower you spiritually and aid you towards a lifestyle that better fits your personal beliefs and provides your life with better meaning.

We pursue love in all things:

The beauty of our religion is its core principle- love. Our mission revolves around this very simple aspect, by preaching the meaning of love and the example that Jesus set to teach us how to love. We encourage love in all aspects of life and use our biblical knowledge to inspire it within our community.

Be a part of our community to understand life and love and what it means to be a part of something bigger and better.


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